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We provide packaging machineries and equipments that cater to customers' need. As we mature, our experience on services and understanding their needs provides satisfaction to our customer. This helps us to hold back the royalties of our customers till today.Packaging Materials
MP Pack also provides a variety of packaging materials from strapping bands, OPP tapes, Polyolefin film for shrink wrapping to stretch film for pallet wrapping


We believe in good service policy and customer will always have a positive impression and complete satisfaction. Customers can be assured that all new machines come with warranty and free service*. Upon commissioning, our technician will conduct on-site training on general maintenances and operations of the machine. Depending on Customers' needs, Service Contract, and leasing of machines are available as well. We offer you an Option on Trade-in* of your existing machine, when a new machine is purchased from us. With this flexibility, our main objective is to provide a win-win situation for both our customers and the company, gaining their trust and confidences. 

MH-FJ-1A (Automatic Carton Sealer)

-Top & side belts drive
-Suitable for heavy products 


-Side belts drive
-Suitable for products in light weight


-Side belts drive
-Automatically foldthe top flaps

MA-mini series

Mini Automatic Carton Sealer

MD-mini series

Mini Automatic Carton Sealer

MH-FG-2000A (Mechanical Stretch/Powered Pre/stretch)

Automatic Pallet Stretch Wrapper-suitable for heavy pallet,soft start/stop,PLC control,home position,sensor test pallet height


Mechanical Stretch/Power Pre-Stretch (Pallet Stretch Wrapper)
Suitable for heavy pallet,soft start/stop,PLC control,home position,sensor test pallet height,custom-made specification is available and also providing a complete set of packing system of conveying line.


Labeling Machine 


Labeling Machine

B2000-Automatic Labeling Machine

Can pack the front and back of the thing to glue two labels at the same time in flat surface or ovals